The Rebuilding Center is an organization working to strengthen the environment, economic, and social fabric of local communities. 

Promotional video project for Harvest PR and the Oregon Hazelnut Commission.

Business Profile Video for B&B Printing

Truitt Bros. Inc. company profile and trade show video. 

Recently, major federal agencies have taken steps toward ending almost all biomedical experimentation on chimpanzees. This is the story of Jodi, and the six other primates at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest whose lives have been saved from medical research. Produced for the New York Times

USA Today  |  Bailey Sheehan was paralyzed in her right leg and has trouble with her neck and arms due to a polio-like illness. Through intense physical therapy, she is regaining her strength and learning to walk again. 

NashCO teamed up with Too Many Sneakers to film four short videos about the Children's Cancer Association's JoyRX Program.

USA Today  |  The Cost of Not Caring. Joan Rideout Ayala has a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addiction. During her lifelong battle she has learned coping skills to sustain her and end her addiction and cope with her mental illness.

Catlin Gabel School - What Education Can Be

NashCO teamed up with Pete Vogal of Nutmegger Workshop to produce a video project showcasing their clients and how they built signs to fit their custom needs. It was a real pleasure to work with Pete on a creative project, his skills as a craftsman and font creator are amazing. We liked his work so much we hung one of his signs in our office.