university photography

Warner Pacific College Campus, Educational Lifestyle Photography

Since school is almost back in session, seemed like the perfect time to highlight a library of educational lifestyle photography we did last year for Warner Pacific College.  The school is a Christ-centered urban liberal arts college dedicated to providing students from diverse backgrounds an education. It was great to see the diversity that exists on the campus, plus all the different places that the students have access to (hello Hawthorne Street). Everyone once at the school was both incredibly kind and incredibly helpful.  Thanks for having us, now let's hit the books.

Reed College Student Campus Life Viewbook Photography

Lucked out with a glorious fall day at Reed College to spend a little time working on educational lifestyle photography for the Viewbook and website.  Having worked with Reed for over five years, we know the campus pretty well and have probably photographed literally every student attending.  Easy to make gorgeous photos with beautiful light, surroundings and people.

Reed College Roundup - 2013

Quite a 2013 for Reed College and NashCO.  They got a new Performing Arts Building, we got to be there when the confetti was flying and along with a variety of amazing college students, classes and alumni events. We're really excited to see how they used our photos in all the Reed College collateral!  You can see more of our college and university photography under the Learning Tab: College Life