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HavestPR Norpac

Since the season for veggie growing is upon us in abundance, this seemed like a perfect time to revisit some portraits and real people lifestyle of farmers we shot for HarvestPR and Norpac. We were lucky enough to get some good looking guys that came straight from the fields, still dusting dirt off their pants.  And even Mt. Hood made a majestic appearance as the day got later.  Some days are just magic that way.

Oregon Zoo Summer Day Camp - Education Photography

There is no doubt about it.  Kids love the zoo and going to camp there is even better. Spent a sun, kid and animal filled week photographing the Oregon Zoo Summer Day Camp.  Can't decide what is cuter, small people or small animals. It is toss up, really.

The Society Hotel - Then and Now: Lifestyle Hotel Imagery

So stoked to have been with The Society Hotel through their wild ride of transformation.  The Mariner's Building was built in 1881 by the Portland Seamen's Friend Society, to be a boarding house for sailors and keep them away from booze, drugs (good luck) and the infamous Shanghai Tunnels.  In the 60's and 70's the first floor was a Chinese dance hall and in 1990 parts of the hotel were used for the Dennis Quaid movie, "Come see the Paradise."  When renovations began in 2013, the upstairs had not been touched since 1945 and we had the opportunity to use video and still photography to document the time capsule it had become.  So much amazing history in that building and so many artifacts.  More than two years later when they asked us back to photograph what they had renovated, we couldn't have been more pleased or amazed.  The new space is a great mix of old and new, adding a much needed breath of life to the historic Old Town/Chinatown district, while still paying homage to its 134-year history. Not to mention they have created an affordable hotel, complete with hostel-style bunks that boasts one of the best rooftop views in the city.  To read more about the preservation/renovation, see some of our before images and learn about the architecture of the space, Brian Libby has your rundown here.

Portrait Session with Dr. Jessica Brandes of Infused Health

Took on the oh-so-difficult-task of taking portraits of the incredibly gorgeous and smart Dr. Jessica Brandes for her business Infuse Health, an independent private medical practice. Her blog is full of great tips for avoiding hangovers.  Feeling poorly? Dr.Brandes offers same day home and office visits.  Now that is service.

Check out the big Brainium on Brad. Or, you know, their corporate headshots.

Sorry, couldn't help slipping in a Pulp Fiction reference here.  Branium, who make addictive games like Solitaire, Sudoku and Blackjack asked us to pop down to their studios for headshots to show everyone how good looking they are despite being huge coding nerds. Mission accomplished.

Editorial Photoshoot at Catlin Gabel Independent School

Made our yearly trip to the happiest place on earth, Catlin Gabel, to photograph educational lifestyle imagery for their 2015-2016 school year. Smart, welcoming, kids who aren't afraid to stand out, show each other affection, or raise their hands.  Always a pleasure to visit the campus and see education that works. 

Top 100 Washington Wines for Seattle Met Magazine

Headed out to Walla Walla for Seattle Met to photograph some of their top 100 Washington Wines of 2015.  Tough life, I know. Christophe Baron of both Horsepower Vineyards and Cayuse, was our tour guide and subject for the day.  Being so very French we had Christophe opening a bottle of wine in the first 30 minutes and by the end, we all felt like good friends (but perhaps that was just the delicious Syrah talking).  Nevertheless, we left with an excellent dinner recommendation and an even more excellent bottle of wine. À bientôt Christophe!

Editorial Portrait Photoshoot for AARP Oregon

Always a pleasure to create environmental  portraiture for AARP.  They always do such a great job covering some pretty important issues for those over 50, and it is great to hang out with people that have so much life history to share.  

Over the last year we did a myriad of stories for them, including a story about how many older adults who were laid off during the recession were caught in limbo until their Medicare kicked in. Kathleen McCann, who we photographed in her amazing forest of a backyard says that without Medi­caid to close Medicare gaps, she would be overwhelmed by hospital, doctor and prescription drug bills.  

Then we shot RCA Moore for a story about family caregivers and how a new law called the CARE Act is being put in place to help keep them informed and involved. RCA was a caregiver for his wife but said he often didn't know how to help her.  

Next was Debi Friedlander and how she sometimes experiences food insecurity. Debi, a photographer herself, was a fantastic subject and her husband even lent us the light to put inside the fridge for the photoshoot, now that is teamwork.   

Finally is Kathy Goeddel, who has volunteered for over 30 years at Tax Aide, created in 1968 to helps seniors and low- to moderate-income individuals file their income taxes so they don’t miss a single deduction or credit. I sat in on one of her classes, and wouldn't have wanted to try an do it on my own!

Thanks to all these folks who shared a glimpse of their worlds with us.