Flying Down Hill with Daddies Board Shop for a Willamette Week Environmental Portrait

Daron Horwitz, president of Daddies Board Shop, took his longboard for a ride on Mt. Tabor, in Portland Oregon for the Willamette Week story, Very Hill, Much Speed. That dude was going soooo fast, almost impossible to get sharp at f2 with some motion blur. So we cheated a little bit on this one. Daron's longboard is actually rolling at a slow creep. The sun was right overhead for this one (notice his shadow, and the light on his back) so we needed a lot of juice to make this work. I used 1 Profoto B1 light with a zoom reflector and a 1/2 CTO warming filter just out of the frame to the left and directly in front of Daron. The camera (Canon 1dx) set to 1/15th of a second, ISO 50, F2, and I used an ND filter to balance the ambient exposure. With Daron holding his pose, I had him roll down hill slowly (about 5ft/second) and panned the camera right to left with him. The strong flash helped freeze Daron and expose his face, while the slow shutter gives a nice motion blur, creating the illusion of speed. Questions or comments about what goes on behind the scenes? Email us at hello@nashcophoto.com