Cheap Eats, Not Cheap People

I love shooting for the Willamette Week Cheap Eats Guide every year.  Perhaps because it is so in line with my sensibilities.  Those who know me, know I have a reputation for being a bit....thrifty (I find that word has a bit more dignity than cheap).  And here I have a whole guide that says, "Hey Leah, it's ok you drink pabst. We get you."  Some of the tasty highlights include Boke Bowl, Baowry, Helser's, the mini-food world that is Ocean and the new, but very popular kid on the block, Bar Dobre.  Plus, I got to shoot the cover, which I always love.  Can't beat that poppy yellow background (also known as poster board).  Thanks to Lela's Bistro for providing the local and the slurpable noodles.       cover.indd 20130215_Ocean_009 20130215_SlowBurger_007 20130215_Ocean_012 20130215_Helser's_001 20130215_Helser's_007 20120330_BokeBowl_031 20130216_BarDobre_001 20130216_BarDobre_009