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Little Miss Sunshine, and her Big Book - Editorial Portrait Photography for the New York Times

We had a really great time shooting a YouTune Star this week for the New York Times

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

Paige on Instagram @hauntedsunshine

And The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Network on Youtube

Organic Farmer Environmental Portrait for the Wall Street Journal

Environmental portrait of Chuck Eggert, Founder and CEO of the Tualatin, Oregon based Pacific Foods.

Wall Street Journal story Hunger for Organic Foods Stretches Supply Chain

Oregon Zoo Summer Day Camp - Education Photography

There is no doubt about it.  Kids love the zoo and going to camp there is even better. Spent a sun, kid and animal filled week photographing the Oregon Zoo Summer Day Camp.  Can't decide what is cuter, small people or small animals. It is toss up, really.

The Art of Losing - An Environmental Portrait with Author Patrick Dewitt - Tech Talk

Portland Author Patrick Dewitt has just finished another amazing new book Under Major Domo Minor and sat down for a portrait as moody as his writing. To create this image Christopher used three Profoto flash heads, 2 Profoto B1's and a Profoto B2. We really like using the Profoto B1's and B2's since they're holy trinity of lights - powerful, compact, and mobile (no cables). Once we dialed in our composition, we start to add light to create the scene. The first light, our "main" light was a B1 on a C-stand with a simple zoom reflector placed outside the window camera left. This gives us a nice natural but dramatic looking key light. Our second light needs to create dimension and depth to the image. This is done by adding a B1 on a short stand with no modifiers and placed back inside the room on the right. Used here as a hair light, by pointing the light down at the floor it gives an interesting skip-bounce effect creating the illusion of a light coming in from the next room.  Our third light is a B2 with a small 2' OCF Octabox, with grid, about 3 feet to camera right. This is used as a subtle fill flash for the table and Patrick. More tech talk coming soon. Have questions about what we're doing behind the scenes? Shoot us an email at

Doctors Form Union to Resist Medical Machine, Editorial Environmental Portrait Photography for the New York Times

Spent the day at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend in Springfield, OR for an interesting story about unionization and how their plan to increase efficiency by outsourcing doctors drove a group of its hospitalists to fight back by banding together.  Our two heros for the story were Dr. Rajeev Alexander and Dr. David M. Schwartz.  Schwartz is the president of the union that was formed in reaction to the hospital's announcement that it wanted to outsource the facility’s 36 hospitalists. As a result the administration junked their plan. Want to know more, check out the New York Times Story.

Aaron Draplin for New York Times

Aaron Draplin, design man about town.  Got to spend the day snooping around his studio for the New York Times, where every drawer contains wonderful surprises.  It is like the flea market version of Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory.  You may know Aaron for his handy Field Notes books, which I love except for the fact that I now have half filled ones scattered around my office.  Want to take a bigger peek into his nooks and crannies