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IBM Magazine Serves up Servers - Corporate Portrait

Nothing like a little corporate portrait action to keep you thinking.  This was for IBM.  Or IBM Systems Magazine to be exact.  As you can see by the story headline, "Clients Find a Winner When They Explore the Differences Between Linux on Commodity Servers and Linux on Power," we had no idea what the heck the article was about.  Our job was just to make Jim Wasko, VP of Open Systems Development at IBM, look cool...and open.  That was a play on words in case you missed it.  Jim was great, game for all our crazy plans including using this awesome green wall we found in the office supply room.  The result was him channeling Agent Smith in the Matrix, which I love.  In the bottom photo you can see me really trying to sell the green wall, while Christopher and Jim looked on dubiously.  Ended up being my favorite portrait spot though.  And I managed to steal some toner.  Sheesh, totally joking, who even uses toner anymore?

Leah stands in and shows us all how to pose!