Under Major Domo Minor

The Art of Losing - An Environmental Portrait with Author Patrick Dewitt - Tech Talk

Portland Author Patrick Dewitt has just finished another amazing new book Under Major Domo Minor and sat down for a portrait as moody as his writing. To create this image Christopher used three Profoto flash heads, 2 Profoto B1's and a Profoto B2. We really like using the Profoto B1's and B2's since they're holy trinity of lights - powerful, compact, and mobile (no cables). Once we dialed in our composition, we start to add light to create the scene. The first light, our "main" light was a B1 on a C-stand with a simple zoom reflector placed outside the window camera left. This gives us a nice natural but dramatic looking key light. Our second light needs to create dimension and depth to the image. This is done by adding a B1 on a short stand with no modifiers and placed back inside the room on the right. Used here as a hair light, by pointing the light down at the floor it gives an interesting skip-bounce effect creating the illusion of a light coming in from the next room.  Our third light is a B2 with a small 2' OCF Octabox, with grid, about 3 feet to camera right. This is used as a subtle fill flash for the table and Patrick. More tech talk coming soon. Have questions about what we're doing behind the scenes? Shoot us an email at hello@nashcophoto.com