Editorial photographer

Little Miss Sunshine, and her Big Book - Editorial Portrait Photography for the New York Times

We had a really great time shooting a YouTune Star this week for the New York Times

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

Paige on Instagram @hauntedsunshine

And The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Network on Youtube

Climb Into a TreeHouse, It's Fun! - Editorial Photography

Start learning with TreeHouse, we sure did. Check out the Washington Post Story


Aaron Draplin for New York Times

Aaron Draplin, design man about town.  Got to spend the day snooping around his studio for the New York Times, where every drawer contains wonderful surprises.  It is like the flea market version of Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory.  You may know Aaron for his handy Field Notes books, which I love except for the fact that I now have half filled ones scattered around my office.  Want to take a bigger peek into his nooks and crannies

OnTrak Editorial Cherry Blossom Magazine Cover Shoot

Nothing more spectacular than the Portland Waterfront when the cherry blossoms are out. OnTrak Magazine seemed to agreed and we teamed up with PDX Pedicab to do a little off roading at the park for their cover.  At 8am we just managed to fight our way through the swarm of other photographers also bent on capturing all the pink glory.