Catlin Gabel School

Editorial Photoshoot at Catlin Gabel Independent School

Made our yearly trip to the happiest place on earth, Catlin Gabel, to photograph educational lifestyle imagery for their 2015-2016 school year. Smart, welcoming, kids who aren't afraid to stand out, show each other affection, or raise their hands.  Always a pleasure to visit the campus and see education that works. 

Back to School with Catlin Gabel

We have been working the past few years with private school Catlin Gabel and we are proud to announce they have a brand spanking new website.  The imagery on the site reflects our time with them and we think it does a pretty great job showing just how special the school is.  It is always a pleasure to spend time on the campus, capturing moments and really, the wonder of learning.  They almost make this growing up thing look easy. Now if we could work out a deal in trade we might actually be tempted to have one of our own....

NashCO also produced a video introducing the new Head of School Tim Bazemore. The video took place over the summer, before the start of school so we opted to shoot an interview in Tim and use our library of still photographs as b-roll. 

Catlin Gabel Collateral - 2013

We had the pleasure of spending part of last year wandering the halls, classrooms and fields of Catlin Gabel private school.  We read books with the kindergartens, got treated to a plethora of musical performances, delighted in crazy hair day, peeked into classrooms, and partook enthusiastically of the salad bar.  Not a bad 2013 at all. Here's a sample of Catlin Gabel's collateral featuring photos from our campaign last year.