1859 magazine

Pigs N' a Blanket - 1859 Magazine - In Print

Perfect weather, perfect subjects, not so well-behaved piglets.  Well, two out of three ain't bad. We spent the day at Worden Hill Farm with the uber photogenic Ortloff Family, Susan and Wolfgang, and their three bewitching daughters; Kate, Hadley and Mia for the cover of 1859 Magazine.  They bought the land from Susan's parents back in 2007 and left an urban lifestyle in Germany for mud-splattered days in Dundee, OR.  We were wooed by the multitude of pig sizes, varying from holdable to rideable.  We were also wooed by the family, who shared some of their cured pork and promised to invite us to their next bonfire.  After a day of mucking around, dodging porkers who thought our feet looked like apples (note to self: do not wear red boots when photographing pigs) Susan waved good-bye and said cheerfully, "You don't think you smell, but you do."

Running around in circles for 1859 Magazine

Hot off the presses....the most recently photographed Alberto Salazar and his stable of runners for the March/April issue of 1859 magazine.  Had maybe 5 minutes for the portrait, so it involved a fair bit of lighting set up before hand, dodging raindrops and stealing....ahem, borrowing, a ladder (thanks Nike!).  Alberto was a nice guy but definitely not one to let a portrait shoot get in the way of practice.  He is an in demand man and I enjoyed watching him seamlessly juggle jogging the track while talking on his phone and giving encouragement to his athletes.  Way to multitask Alberto.  And thanks to 1859 Editor Kevin Max and my producer Christopher Onstott for keeping me laughing as I lay belly down stalking muddy tennis shoes.blog-leah-03 blog-leah-04blog-leah-02