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Portland's Mississippi District goes full Square

You can find just about anything you would want and nothing you would need on Mississippi Street in Portland.  But New York Times writer Julie Lasky says it so much better than we ever could, "North Mississippi Avenue in Portland delivers a hipster experience as reliably as the rain. The street’s commercial district, which runs five blocks from North Fremont Street up to North Skidmore Street, has coffee-roasting equipment, saltwater aquariums, chandeliers made with recycled wine bottles, jewelry cast from animal sex organs and possibly the best corned beef hash ever fried."   

Thanks to all the businesses that contributed their design sensibilities: Sunlan (who was ironic before it was cool), Mr. Green Beans, Land Gallery, Flutter, Gravy, Paxton Gate, Mississippi Avenue Lofts, Silver Moon Creperie, The Big Egg, Prost!, and The John Palmer House. One thing's for certain, it's not easy being hip, but you do it with aplomb.  And a beard.

Global Coffee Report Magazine Cover Portrait

Last month we photographed David Griswold of Sustainable Harvest Coffee here in Portland for the cover of Global Coffee Report Magazine.  As an importer of specialty coffees from all over the world, they do an amazing job creating connections between farmers and consumers. They help make sure farmers can actually make a reasonable profit from the sale of their beans.  Plus, they make a mean cup of coffee, which kept us way too talkative during the shoot.  

NashCO Travels to the Yukatan

NashCO just got back from a three-week photo adventure where we ate and photographed our way through Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. Here's some photos from our trip, jealous much? 

Faces of the Affordable Care Act - Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal asked us to photograph local business owner and motorcycle enthusiast Tom Daly for a series called Faces of the Affordable Care Act. Tom represents The 'Young Invincible,' who is interested in health insurance, but decided it was too expensive.  However, his new motorcycle habit, impending marriage and recent status as homeowner have made him rethink this opinion.  Adulthood will do that to you I guess.  

Back to School with Catlin Gabel

We have been working the past few years with private school Catlin Gabel and we are proud to announce they have a brand spanking new website.  The imagery on the site reflects our time with them and we think it does a pretty great job showing just how special the school is.  It is always a pleasure to spend time on the campus, capturing moments and really, the wonder of learning.  They almost make this growing up thing look easy. Now if we could work out a deal in trade we might actually be tempted to have one of our own....

NashCO also produced a video introducing the new Head of School Tim Bazemore. The video took place over the summer, before the start of school so we opted to shoot an interview in Tim and use our library of still photographs as b-roll.