Office Culture

Global Coffee Report Magazine Cover Portrait

Last month we photographed David Griswold of Sustainable Harvest Coffee here in Portland for the cover of Global Coffee Report Magazine.  As an importer of specialty coffees from all over the world, they do an amazing job creating connections between farmers and consumers. They help make sure farmers can actually make a reasonable profit from the sale of their beans.  Plus, they make a mean cup of coffee, which kept us way too talkative during the shoot.  

Vignette Agency's new Website - Photos by NashCO

NashCO Photo is proud to say that our client Vignette Agency has launched their new corporate website, built with images created specifically for Vignette by NashCO. We worked with Vignette over two days to produce crafted images that represent their workplace for a style that is unique the them. 


Nash and CO Stand In For You

Okay, let's get one thing straight. Nash and CO are a couple of hams. One of the big advantages to working as a team is that when setting up lights and checking locations for portraits we get to take photos of each other ALL THE TIME.  For those of you who don't know, Leah (Nash) is the cute one, and Christopher (CO) is the one who's still working out how to pose for the camera.  So here's a look back at 2013: a year of standing in.

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