The Society Hotel - Then and Now: Lifestyle Hotel Imagery

So stoked to have been with The Society Hotel through their wild ride of transformation.  The Mariner's Building was built in 1881 by the Portland Seamen's Friend Society, to be a boarding house for sailors and keep them away from booze, drugs (good luck) and the infamous Shanghai Tunnels.  In the 60's and 70's the first floor was a Chinese dance hall and in 1990 parts of the hotel were used for the Dennis Quaid movie, "Come see the Paradise."  When renovations began in 2013, the upstairs had not been touched since 1945 and we had the opportunity to use video and still photography to document the time capsule it had become.  So much amazing history in that building and so many artifacts.  More than two years later when they asked us back to photograph what they had renovated, we couldn't have been more pleased or amazed.  The new space is a great mix of old and new, adding a much needed breath of life to the historic Old Town/Chinatown district, while still paying homage to its 134-year history. Not to mention they have created an affordable hotel, complete with hostel-style bunks that boasts one of the best rooftop views in the city.  To read more about the preservation/renovation, see some of our before images and learn about the architecture of the space, Brian Libby has your rundown here.