Sign Me Up - The Nutmegger Workshop Video + 2 more

NashCO recently teamed up with the Pete Vogal of Nutmegger Workshop to produce a video project showcasing their clients and how they built signs to fit their custom needs. I worked with Pete for several years at The Portland Tribune, and it was a real pleasure to work with him again on a creative project. His skills as a craftsman and font creator are amazing. We liked his work so much we hung one of his signs in our office. 

Check out Pete's blog where he talks about the concept behind the video. 

NashCO also did a short editorial style video about the Society Hotel, a renovation project in the heart of Portland's distressed China Town. It's going to be real exciting to see what happens to this neighborhood over the next few years. We combined video and still images to tell the story of the past and future of this great Portland landmark. 

Our friends over at SpeedSports Motors got their hands on a 1912 Harley Davidson Motorcycle that was owned by Steve McQueen himself. SpeedSports' asked NashCO to help them produce a short fiction style video to tell the story of the bike while promoting it's appearance in the Mecum Auction Monterey. Josh Bryan at SpeedSports wrote the script and over the course of an afternoon we shot the video.