Agriculture Photography - NORPAC Foods

I guess I'm revealing my dearth of Kinfolk prowess when I say that up until this year I had no idea how broccoli grew.  Or green peppers for that matter.  It's not like I thought they came off of trees already wrapped in Trader Joe's plastic.  But I was unprepared for the stauch rows of thigh high broccoli I found myself wading through for a farm to frozen project we worked on for Norpac Foods this summer.  It is pretty amazing how in less than a day's time the veggies get picked, processed, frozen and shipped off.  Makes me appreciate all the work that goes into a salad and realize how disconnected we sometimes are to our food.

No two ways about it, farming is hard, underappreciated and vital. Lucky for us, it is also colorful, visual and populated with folks willing to be amused by our antics.

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And here we are on the job!