Teenage Wasteland

I'm not sure why this is but I have a tendency to stalk teenagers, girls mostly.  Good thing I am a female myself or this would be getting really creepy.  Something about the way they hold themselves; a vulnerability that speaks to me.  It is like they haven't quite figured out how to gloss everything over when having their picture made, something us older gals have gotten so good at.  The girls in pink I saw walking as I was driving and literally stopped my car, made a u-turn and parked, then jumped out and gave them my photographer song and dance.  I mean, how could you not stop, two girls dressed in black, both with pink hair?  They were amazing and fabulous and without direction held hands and turned in their feet just as a sun flare hit my lens.  I knew I would love the images before they were made, always a dangerous proposition.  Something about teenagers that makes me want to stare at them for hours, their clothes, their style, they are like a code I want to crack, a secret world I want to visit.  Maybe it is the combination of endless possibility mixed with overwhelming uncertainty.  Kind of like how I feel most of the time.20130330_Pink_038 20130330_Pink_012 20130312_Skatepark_105 Exempt