Then. Now. Here. Some other time.

This year PhotoLucida is kicking off Portland’s Photo Month with Then. Now. Here. a city wide photo exhibit featuring recent and historical images of Oregon. The exhibit was curated by the fabulous Oregonian photographer Motoya Nakamura and after I slid him a little cash he choose 6 of mine (that was a joke).  Had to have the slightly awkward but amusing conversation where I tell a few of my friends that their naked bodies will be splashed along the sides of buildings.  Also love that four of the images were shot on film (uh, what is that?) on my trusty TLR Yashica. The first of many screenings will be at the Oregon Historical Society Wednesday, April 3rd 8pm-9:30pm. Hope to see you there.20110324_rates_017 20120826_Abell_026 15-3 Leah_Film_1793 mf26 20110507_RBA_295