Chillin' with Rich and Phil

Did a little assisting last week on this Track Town USA book project over at the Nike Studios. That place is sweet, and loaded with tons of gear and cute photo boys in skinny jeans. Not sure how I got involved in the whole thing since my assisting skills are dubious at best and I end up having to overdose on advil after a day of heavy lifting. Good thing I pretend real good. The project was through Rich Clarkson and his photo empire. Rich was the Directory of Photography over at National Geographic for awhile and in general a photo bigwig. Now he owns a company that shoots the NCAA national championships and puts out a bunch of books. I was helping with a picture of a bunch Oregon athletes AND Phil Knight (who I found out is not single...sorry ladies) for one of the afore mentioned books. Rich came into town for a tour of Nike and for a little book research.Our introduction went something like this.

Me (trying to be a kiss ass): "Hi Rich, nice to meet you, can I get you a seat?" Rich: "I'm not that old, yet." Me (now trying to be a smart ass): "Well, then you want to come and help me set up the lights?" Rich: "I'm not that young either." Me: "Uhhhh."

Turns out what he was perfect for was acting as a stand in as we got the lights set up. Here is a picture of him and I filling in for Phil Knight.


But why does he look so cool and I look like I'm posing for my senior portrait? Thanks much to the photog Jamie Schwaberow who made this kodak moment happen.